DPR offers many different services.

Crank Grinding (Starting price, counter weighted or stroker additional) $55.00
Dowel Pin Removal (EDM) (when required) $175.00
Wedgemate (additional Cost for Dowel pin removal, and/or dowel pins) $260.00
Flywheel Resurface & Service (Includes: inspection, cleaning, seal polish, thrust depth machine and run-out correction, gear cleaning and deburring) $60.00
Crank Balance $65.00
Flywheel Balancing $55.00
Flywheel & Pressure Plate match balance $90.00
Crank, Flywheel & Pressure Plate match balance $150.00
Rod Balance $50.00
Rod Balance & Stroke Clear $90.00
Piston Match Balance $95.00
Full Race Balance (Includes: Crank, Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Rods, Pistons) $270.00

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